150 years of excellence

in Medical Education

Established in 1871, the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery will become 150 years old in 2021. In preparation for this historic milestone, the Faculty has started to plan various activities and programs attuned to its role as the premier catholic school for medical education in the Philippines and Asia.


Under the leadership of Dean Jesus V. Valencia and its Regent, Fr. Angel Aparicio, O.P., the Faculty has formed several committees to prepare and oversee its Sesquicentennial celebration, seeking to involve not only administration and faculty members but our alumni, students and support staff as well. The over-all committee has set a timeline and goals to accomplish for each academic year until 2021. Close partners in these endeavors are the student organizations of the FMS, UST Medical Alumni Associations, UST Medical Missions Inc. and the UST Hospital (which is currently celebrating its 70th foundation this year).

"Ars longa, vita brevis.

Occasio fugit.

Experimentum periculosum, judicium difficile."


FMS Timeline

the first 100 years

UST College of Medicine in Intramuros. This view shows the mainentrance whose stones now form the back part of the Arch of the Centuries at España campus.

By 1952, the new Medicine Building was more than half complete.

Medicine Building in the 60’s.

  he UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery is the oldest medical school in the Philippines. The "Facultad de Medicina y Farmacia" — the beginnings of the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery — was formally opened on May 28, 1871 by decree of the "Superior Gobierno de Filipinas". At that time, there were only 12 practicing doctors in the Philippines, all trained in Europe. The first group of enrollees were 3 Spaniards and 6 Filipinos and all graduated on March 10, 1877. The medical curriculum was patterned after leading European medical school: 6 years, made up of 1 year preparatory instruction and 5 years proper. The language of instruction was Spanish.


The enrollment gradually increased with classes continuing during the Revolutionary period. The school was ordered closed by the American military government in 1898 but was authorized to be re-opened by Gen. Arthur MacArthur in January 1901 during which time, it was separated from Pharmacy, and henceforth came to be known as the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. The system of medical education became Americanized and English became the medium of instruction. In 1932, the first women were admitted to the Faculty, by order of the Congregation of Studies of the Holy See.


Surviving the ravages of World War II, the medical school re-opened at the new España Building in 1946 and later transferred to its present building in 1952.


For the clinical training of its students, the Faculty used the facilities of the Hospital of San Juan de Dios from 1875 to 1941, and from 1944 to 1945 and of St. Paul's Hospital from 1941 to 1944. The UST Hospital was eventually established in 1946 and to this day, serves as the training hospital of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. Throughout its long and resplendent history, through the Spanish, American and Japanese regimes and after the Second World War, the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery has undergone enormous changes to adjust itself to new and changing conditions. The changes in the past few decades have been the most dramatic, in response to the rapid advances in Medicine and in medical education.


(Clockwise) Hospital de San Juan De Dios, Faculty of Medicine; Anatomy dissection room of the College of Medicine; Dr. S. Katsunuma's apparatus for Pneumothorax. Owned by Dr. Manuel Quisumbing, Sr., Chest Physician.


Eucharistic Celebration

V. Rev. Fr. Herminio V. Dagohoy, O.P.

Rector Magnificus, University of Santo Tomas

Philippine National Anthem

UST Medicine Glee Club

Opening Number

Terpsichorean Circle and Faculty

Welcome Remarks

Prof. Jesus V. Valencia, M.D.


Inspirational Message

Fr. Angel A. Aparicio, O.P.


Formal Launching

V. Rev. Fr. Herminio V. Dagohoy, O.P.

Rector Magnificus, University of Santo Tomas

Event Overview

Patria P. Punsalan, M.D.

Head, Events Committee

Video Presentation

John Hubert C. Pua, M.D.

Web Page and On‐line Services

FMS in my Life

Tyrone  M. Reyes, M.D.

President Emeritus, UST Medicine Class 1965

Jose L. Evangelista, M.D.

F.A.C.C., Honorary Consul General of the Philippines

UST Medicine Class 1968

Intermission Number

Closing Remarks

Mary Ruby Josephine D. Tiongson, M.D.

Chair, Organizing Committee Sesquicentennial Celebration


UST Singers

UST Hymn

Willie N. Lagdameo, M.D., Ma. Piedad R. Natividad, M.D. and Alec Brandon C. Dungo

Masters of Ceremonies


Accomplish at least 150 medical and surgical missions from July 2016 to May 2021.

Reach out to our alumni Thomasians who comprise close to 50% of the physicians graduating from Philippine medical schools.

Review the history of the Faculty and its early graduates

including Dr. Jose Rizal and other national figures to fill out missing segments and discover new highlights in our saga as a medical school.


Set up an alumni fund for needy Thomasian medical students to augment

existing scholarship funds of the Faculty.

Initiate 150 research projects from basic and clinical sciences and revive the Santo Tomas Journal of Medicine as a recognized medium to publish our research.

Establish global linkages with other Catholic medical schools in line with the University’s drive for internationalization.

September 26, 2016


The countdown to the 150th anniversary celebration of the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery (FMS) was launched last September 26, 2016 at the Medicine Auditorium. A eucharistic mass officiated by the Very Rev. Fr. Herminio V. Dagohoy, O.P, UST Rector Magnificus, kicked off the celebration. The mass celebrated the feast day of Sts. Cosmas and Damian, the patron saints of the Faculty, as well as the results of the recently-concluded Physician Licensure Examinations, in which six (6) Thomasian doctors landed in the top ten.


The program proper, which was hosted by Dr. Willie Lagdameo, Dr. Peachy Natividad, and Alec Duñgo started after the mass. A lively performance from the Terpsichorean Circle and select members of the medical faculty set the stage for the rest of the activities. Dr. Jesus Valencia, the Dean of the UST-FMS, and Fr. Angel Aparicio, UST-FMS Regent, gave inspirational remarks before the formal launching of the countdown to the Sesquicentennial Anniversary by the Very Reverend Father Rector. A stunning indoor fireworks display made for an unforgettable launch.


The second half of the program started with an overview of the events planned out for the official countdown to 150 years, which was presented by Dr. Patria Punzalan, Events Committee Head of the Sesquicentennial Organizing Committee. Dr. JJ Pua unveiled the new and updated website of the Faculty and also presented the Sesquicentennial teaser video. This was followed by inspirational messages from guest speakers Dr. Tyrone Reyes, UST Medicine Class 1965 President Emeritus, and Dr. Jose Evangelista, UST Medicine Class 1968 and F.A.C.C. Honorary Consul General of the Philippines.


The program was ended by a moving performance from the UST Singers, which included a modified rendition of the song prepared for the 100th anniversary celebration of UST-FMS. Dr. Mary Ruby Josephine Tiongson, the Chair of the Organizing Committee, gave the closing remarks.



Frederick Michael R. Evidor

Executive Assistant to the Secretary

Publications Head

UST Medicine Student Council


UST FMS Kicks Off Sesquicentennial Celebration



Jesus Valencia, M.D. ‐ Dean

Ma. Lourdes Maglinao, M.D. ‐ Assistant

Dean Fr. Angel Aparicio, O.P. ‐ Regent Dexter Clifton Pe, M.D. ‐ Faculty Secretary


Former Deans

Tito Torralba, M.D., Ramon Sin, M.D.,

Angeles Tan‐Alora, M.D.,

Eustacia Rigor, M.D.,

Rolando Lopez, M.D.

Ma. Graciela Gonzaga, M.D.


Other Members

Ma. Victoria Cruz, M.D. ‐ President, USTMAA,

Asst. Prof. Mark Anthony Abenir ‐ Director, Simbahayan & Community Dev’t. Office


Overall Coordinator

Mary Josephine Ruby Tiongson, M.D. -




Alumni Relations

Ma. Victoria Cruz, M.D.

Cita de Castro, M.D.

Gil Gonzalez, M.D.

Anthony Leachon, M.D.

Ma. Alicia Magalindan‐Lim, M.D.

Jocelyn Mariano, M.D.



Remedios Dee‐Chan, M.D.

 Jocelyn Myra Caja, M.D.

Ditas Decena, M.D.

Rafael Dizon, M.D.

Olivia Go, M.D.

Ma. Therese Mallen, M.D.

Portia Monelia D. Montreal, M.D.

Ervin Nucum, M.D.

Noemi Salazar, M.D.

Manuel  Zacarias, M.D.


Coffee table Book

Maria Lourdes Coloma, M.D.

Dexter Clifton Pe, M.D.


Community Services

Wilhelmina Mercado, MD

Manuela de Jesus, M.D.

Jude Guiang, M.D.

Sandra Hernandez, M.D.

Ma. Arlene Ledesma, M.D.

Catherine Macaraeg, M.D.

Clarissa Mendoza, M.D.

Elvira Milo, M.D.

Albert Paulino, M.D.

Hubert Ramos, M.D.

Josefino Sanchez, M.D.


Cultural Activities

Maria Angela Cumagun, MD

Mae  Campomanes, M.D.

Dennis Flores, M.D.

Ma. Margarita Leticia Gellaco, M.D.

Ma. Lourdes Tapang, M.D.



Patria P. Punsalan, M.D.

Jacky Corpuz, M.D.

Ma. Lourdes Maglinao, M.D.

Patrick Gerald Moral, M.D.

Ma. Piedad Natividad, M.D.

Albert Paulino, M.D.

Ivan Villespin, M.D.



Benito Uy, M.D.

Bienvenido Matawaran, M.D.

Peregrina Gonzaga, MD






Share your talents!


The Dean’s Office encourages faculty members, students, support staff, alumni, and organizations to get involved in planning our 150th anniversary.

Please contact the faculty secretary Dr. Clifton Pe

or the Chairs of the Committees you wish to join.

2/F San Martin de Porres Bldg.

University of Santo Tomas, España Blvd.,

Sampaloc, Manila

Philippines 1015

4061611 local 8329; Telfax 7313126



FMS History

Alfred H. Belmonte, MD

Christine Bernal, M.D.

Jose Blas, M.D.

Poderoso Casuela, M.D.

Roy Cuison, M.D.

Victoria Dizon, M.D.

Gil Gonzalez, M.D.

Ramon Javier, M.D.

Isaias Lanzona, M.D.

Ma. Arlene Ledesma, M.D.

Ma. Cristina Lopez, M.D.

Lorenzo Magat, M.D.

Iva Irene Maglonzo, M.D.

Patrick Gerald Moral, M.D.

Bernardita Navarro, M.D.

Leoncia Olonan, M.D.

Antonio Rebosa, M.D.

Maria Lourdes Santos, M.D.

Wildredo Santos, M.D.

Anniela Yu‐Soliven, M.D.

Nilo delos Santos, M.D.


Hospital Partnership

Marcellus Francis Ramirez, M.D.

Alfred Lasala, II, M.D.

Clarissa S. Calma, M.D.

Elaine Cunanan, M.D.

Flordeluna Zapanta‐Mesina, M.D.

Romina Jasmin Laguesma, M.D.

Julie Li‐Yu, M.D.

Earl Louis Sempio, M.D.


Relations & Linkages

Leilani Asis, M.D.


Santo Tomas Journal of Medicine

Raymond Rosales, M.D.

Encarnita Ampil, M.D.

Leilani Asis, M.D.

David Bolong, M.D.

Ma. Minerva Calimag, M.D.

Nilo delos Santos, M.D.

Honolina Gomez, M.D.

Ramon Gonzales, M.D.

Jocelyn Lumitao, M.D.

Norberto Martinez,M.D.

Patrick Gerald Moral, M.D.

Lea Socorro Rivera, M.D.

Noemi Salazar, M.D.

Wilfredo Santos, M.D.

Jose Sollano, M.D.

Julie Yu, M.D.


Marketing & Publications

Maria Lourdes Coloma, M.D.

Noel Martin Bau􀆟sta, M.D.

Alfred Belmonte, M.D.

Grace Ramos, M.D.

Annelia Yu Sorian, M.D.

Irene Vergara, M.D.

Physical Facilities

Larry S. King, M.D.

Gerard Alcid, M.D.

Maria Rosario Cabansag, M.D.

Isaias Lanzona, M.D.

Dexter Clifton Pe, M.D.

Patria Punsalan, M.D.

Tyrone Reyes, M.D.

Mary Josephine Ruby Tiongson, M.D.

Julie Christine Visperas, M.D.


Pastoral & Ethics

Josephine Lumitao, M.D.

Clevelinda Calma, M.D.

Margarita Gellaco, M.D.

Patrick Gerald Moral, M.D.

Ronald Panaligan, M.D.

Earl Luis Sempio, M.D.




Roy J.Cuison, M.D.

Rona Bergantin, M.D.

Cita Caparas de Castro, M.D.

Flerida Hernandez, M.D.

Larry King, M.D.

Ida Tabangay Lim, M.D.

Bernardita Navarro, M.D.

Marcellus Ramirez, M.D.

Don Reyes, M.D.

Judith Sison, M.D.

Anniela Soliven, M.D.

Julie Visperas, M.D.



Josefino Sanchez, MD

Carlos Almeda, M.D.

Angeles Tan‐Alora, M.D.

Kristine Bernal, M.D.

Rose Buzon, M.D.

Marivic Pilares‐Cruz, M.D.

Norberto Martinez, M.D.

Jonathan Salangsang, M.D.

Alex Sua, M.D.

Benito Uy, M.D.



Alberto Paulino, MD

Elvis Llarena, M.D.

Rafael Dizon, M.D.

John Hubert Pua, M.D.


Ways & Means

Bienvenido Matawaran, M.D.

Alejandro Baroque II, M.D.

Elaine Cunanan, M.D.

Ditas Christina Decena, M.D.

Dennis Flores, M.D.

Lerrie Gutierrez, M.D.

Ida Marie Lim, M.D.

Ronald Panaligan, M.D.

Jerry Santos, M.D.

Earl Luis Sempio, M.D.

Francis Marie Purino, M.D.

Ma. Victoria Rondaris, M.D.

Benito Uy, M.D


Webpage & Online Services

Tim S. Trinidad, M.D.

Sjoberg Kho, M.D.

Patrick Gerald Moral, M.D.

John Hubert C. Pua, M.D.

Earl Luis Sempio, M.D.

Tims S. Trinidad, M.D.

Manny Zacarias, M.D.

Marvin Gatmaitan


Scientific Programs

Ivan N. Villespin

MD Minerva Calimag, M.D.

Dennis Flores, M.D.

Marga Gellaco, M.D.

Ida Tabangay‐Lim, M.D.

Roland Panaligan, M.D.

Dexter Clifton Pe, MD

Earl Sempio, M.D.

Irene Vegara, M.D.


Souvenirs & Gifts

Peregrina Gonzaga, MD

Franco Louie Abes, M.D.

Carlo Buenaventura

Karen Capuz, M.D.

Rafael Dizon, M.D.

Margarita Gellaco, M.D.

Jessica Narvaez, M.D.

Aliw Paulino, M.D.

John Hubert Pua, M.D.

Joel Romualdez, M.D.

Alita Santos, M.D.

Anniela Soliven, M.D.





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