Culmination of the UST Med 150 Webinars

May 2022

USTMED 150 Webinars Series

The USTMED 150 Webinar Series is a series of 150 regular online 1-2-hour lecture or talk featuring esteemed alumni to talk about topics of their expertise in their respective field or specialty, as well as topics regarding their passion and life outside of medicine.

It is expected to launch in January 2021 and will serve as a surrogate to our face-to-face activities at the CME Office. It will be held every Tuesdays and Saturdays until May 2022 and will serve as a prelude to the Sesquicentennial Celebration culminating activity of “Summit of Thomasian Global Speakers”.

This project is spearheaded by the following:

Maria Minerva P. Calimag

Dr. Maria Minerva P. Calimag
Project Head

Dr. Ivan N. Villespin
Chair, Office of CME

Dr. Jocelyn Z. Mariano
USTMAA President

Dr. Maria Cristina A. Maranion
Project Member

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