The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery is an athletic hub, housing numerous sports teams that bring pride and glory not only to the Faculty, but also to the university, bagging championship titles from national and international competitions.

Our sports teams are overseen by the UST-FMS Varsity Council. The Varsity Council is an organization for student athletes of the Faculty of medicine and surgery comprising their Team Captains, with its own Executive Board.

Carlo Sarrosa

Member – Badminton Team

“I joined the badminton team hoping to be able to simply relearn the sport. Little did I know that what I got myself into was more than simply a sports team. In the past year, I can honestly say that despite the busy schedule, there was a unified dedication to the sport and to the team. This year we were not able to compete, but we are proud to say that what we gained was more valuable than winning. What we have here in the badminton team is a family. Even during these times where we are asked to stay at home, we continue to train regularly, and at the same time, find ways to bond outside the rigorous training sessions. We honestly don’t know if we’ll be able to compete anytime soon but we are hoping for the best. What we are sure of though is that we will stick together and have each other’s backs through these tough times.”

Jerwin Masroor Pasha
Captain – Football Team

”The team is all about having fun while playing the game we love. There are competitions here and there and the team is very competitive when it comes to such but for me and for the team, playing together is really for the love of the game. Being in the team helps us create bonds with each other, keep healthy and fit and helps us get away from studying too much, even if for just a while. We train usually twice a week with drills on Saturdays and matches with other colleges on either Thursday or Friday. In our last Palarong Medisina outing, we were able to bag 2nd place and the year before that, the team managed to grab 4th place. With the current situation, we don’t know when we will be able to play football again but we are hoping that the day will come soon enough. Till then, if interested in joining, you could text us on 09069348843.”

Dave Chumacera 
Team Captain – Swim Team

“When I joined the swimming team back in 1st year, I only looked at it as being only another way to de-stress and relax after a tiring week of academics. Being in the swim team also taught me how to get along and joke with my teammates and being part of something bigger. In the training sessions aside from the fun workout, I also enjoyed the company of my teammates and exchanging stories on what we did that week. Sadly we could not do this in the current situation due to the pandemic. In the next academic year, if given the chance to train the way we did, I would like to innovate the way we train by including dry land workout sessions to further develop endurance and strength that can help us become stronger in the pool. And aside from the Palarong Medisina, I also plan to take the team to AQUATHLON (Swim + Run) competitions in which we can bond and at the same time get stronger also. I hope that  in the future the next members of this team will continue to strive to get better and never lose sight of their dreams.“


RJ Tuazon
Team Captain – Track and Field

“I joined track and field in order to have an outlet during med school. Before the pandemic, weekly training sessions have been one of the most enjoyable moments I had after a long and tiring school day. Unfortunately, due to the current state we are in, we are unable to properly train. Next year, if ever given the opportunity that everything goes back to normal, I plan on incorporating a new training style for the team. OCR (obstacle course race) is currently a growing sport and not many schools have learned to embrace it yet. This is why I plan on mixing our current trainings with OCR training such as going to proper training facilities like PHO (Pretty Huge Obstacles), in which the members can train and learn new skills. During off-season when Palarong Medisina isn’t close, I plan on taking the team to OCRs such as Spartan Races and Forza Races so that they can experience new things. I hope that in the upcoming years, the future captains will carry on in not only doing the regular track and field training but also incorporating OCR training.”

Niell Casanova
Team Captain – Men’s Volleyball

“I joined UST FMS Volleyball team because it is my dream to be a part of the team. We do know each other before the tryouts and this friendship has also helped us during games because no one is pressured and we’re just there to have a good time with friends and playing the sport that we love. Last school year, we trained thrice a week but sometimes we only do twice because of different schedules. We have already competed in goodwill games and as well in palarong medisina. The team won 2nd place in the last palarong medisina and we are hoping in the future competitions, we will do even better. With the current situation, we only train and workout at home although hopefully we may be able to play soon and get back to shape. If anyone is interested in joining the team, please contact us by texting 09561309536.”

Kyle Jose
Team Captain – Men’s Basketball

“Being part of the basketball team is an honor. We are a team in and out of the court. The support system that we have for each other is unlike any other. The senior players guide the juniors on how to study certain courses and the juniors show their support to the senior players during their revalidas. We not only bond through training, but also through different activities like night outs. Being part of the team is also a great challenge, because the team has certain standards and expectations you have to meet. The expectations set by the team also not only develop you as a basketball player, but also build your character. These standards are what lead the team to bagging the APMC championships for 4 out of 5 seasons.”