The UST FMS enhances and reaffirms its status as a leader in advancing medical science by continually improving the quality and impact of its research. Early in their education, students are encouraged to conduct research with emphasis on fundamental mechanisms of biomedicine, an impetus that is sustained across the continuum of their medical education, all the way through postgraduate training programs.

Indeed, the Santo Tomas Journal of Medicine the scientific publication of the USTFMS and the UST Hospital, has the distinction of being cited in Medline and has joined the ranks of internationally recognized medical journals. This coordinated effort in research is managed by the Research Center for the Health Sciences, which actively supports students, post-graduate trainees, and faculty in terms of funding and facilities. In synergy the Health Science’s Library, a world class repository of international medical journals, while the Medical Informatics Center provides access to a wide array of electronic databases.

The Research Center for the Health Sciences (RCHS) is the university’s flagship unit for the health sciences. It is the research arm of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery (FMS). Based in the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, the center was tasked in 2003 to provide laboratory facilities for medical research evidenced by the establishment of the Molecular Biology Laboratory. Currently, It is involved in multiple research projects addressing immediate national and global health problems and making a difference in promoting health and health equity.