By Flordeluna Z. Mesina, MD–

Twenty-twenty one is the 150th founding Anniversary of the UST-Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. A special occasion for all Thomasian physicians as we commemorate and reflect the past, present and future of our institution. In this spirit, the theme of our celebration is “Continue, Challenge and Conquer: UST-FMS at 150”!

In an interview with Dr Patrick Gerard Moral, the theme came about sometime in 2016 during the Sesquicentennial planning. He envisioned something deeply rooted in the Thomasian ideals, hence the University’s three core values: Competence, Compassion and Commitment came to mind. “These 3Cs describe who/what Thomasians are, the question is, if you know who you are…what do you do with it? Values or virtues without action is useless.”, Dr Moral said. He wanted to match these with verbs that will mirror our actions towards our excellent traditions/past that we need to CONTINUE, while making sure that we grow and CHALLENGE the present. And with the new generation of doctors, we are ready to CONQUER another 150 years! These 3Cs are intended to complement the core values inherent to us, as we take action in the needs of the current time. Little did Dr Moral know, that these 3Cs will have a greater meaning and impact as we face the hardships of the pandemic.

USTMED150 logo (with clear description)

The theme was communicated creatively through the Sesquicentennial logo from the combined efforts of Dr Jacky Corpuz and Dr Patrick Moral. The elements of the design are simplicity, concise messaging and emphasis on longevity. Simplicity is evident from veering away with using multiple colors and just focusing on white, yellow and black with the faculty logo as the only picture utilized. Concise messaging was used which adequately communicated the theme and tagline. And lastly just looking at the logo for the first time, you will feel the power of longevity of the institution by using the actual numbers–150 and the year range of establishment. Seeing the “1871” on the logo added impact and historical reference. Towards the end of the interview, Dr Moral happily shared that his father, Dr Gregorio Moral composed the official hymn during the 100th anniversary of the UST-FMS in 1971. This link from the past shows us that creativity runs in the blood which is worth documenting and remembering!

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