Saint Cosmas and Damian Research and Simulation Building Part of Thomasian Education 4.0

By Flordeluna Z. Mesina, MD–

During the momentous installation of the new Rector of the University of Santo Tomas earlier today, Very Reverend Father Richard Ang laid out the seven priorities that will characterize his term. The UST Vision 2024 and beyond establishes a framework for the 7 priorities. One of these is harnessing technology in preparation for Thomasian Education 4.0. The UST-FMS is proud and hopeful as he mentioned that the Saints Cosmas and Damian Research Center and Simulation building is a priority project. “If and when prevailing circumstances would allow, considering the limited financial resources at this time. The Saints Cosmas and Damian Research Center and Simulation Building will rise in the España campus during my term. The medical students will get to interact with robotic patients and benefit from the advances of replicated clinical environment before treating actual patients,” Fr. Ang said. It will also house research units and laboratories. Father Ang challenged the scholars from the University research centers to widen their research endeavors, investigate problems of significance, create and utilize new knowledge with global resonance. With this infrastructure in place, it will strengthen the research capabilities of the faculty and students. The UST-FMS is looking forward to this great news and wishes Fr. Ang a successful leadership.

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Photo credits: Fr Richard Ang’s presentation

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Saints Cosmas and Damian Simulation and Research Center

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